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Our venues

All of our venues and locations are different, each having its own personality and identity. But what links them is the common theme of enjoying a premium experience in a beautiful yet unique marina setting.

The Creek at Haslar Marina

Whether you're coming for a coffee with friends or a celebratory dinner with family, The Creek is the perfect spot to gather, whatever the occasion.

The Kitchen at Portland

The perfect hotspot for grabbing a quick bite at breakfast, enjoy coffee and cake throughout the day, relax and meet with friends. 

The Deck at Penarth Marina

Unwind and join us for any occasion, from brunch to dinner, or even just a drink and a chat with friends or perhaps a sundowner and nibbles in the restaurant or in the Jetty bar.

The Lightship at Haslar Marina

A unique experience aboard an iconic landmark on the Solent, offering an incredible and memorable dining destination. 

Salt at Portland Marina

The place to dine and unwind on the Portland horizon.


With Rewards by boatfolk bars, you can earn points every time you visit our unique venues and gain access to exclusive offers and rewards.